JWC Research

JWC Research believes that the goal of any great investment research firm should be performance. Therefore, our commitment is an absolute pursuit of superior performance. This focus provides our clients with insightful, timely and actionable recommendations.  Our process is designed to be a comprehensive approach to identifying temporarily underpriced companies in a timely fashion. We then aim to be clear and efficient in the delivery of our research beginning with a time saving 2-minute video that presents our investment thesis.

Our Rating System


We expect the company to outperform the S&P 500 over the next 12 months.


We believe that the company has too many conflicting signs and should be avoided until a clear catalyst appears - typically only used on client requested custom research reports.


We expect the company to significantly underperform the S&P 500 over the next 12 months and a sale of the company is most appropriate.


Written Reports

Our Written Reports have two primary sections - "Summary" & "A Closer Look"

The goal of the Summary is to present our investment thesis and the catalyst for the recommendation. This section is designed to be presented it in a clear and concise manner and is generally only one page.

Our Closer Look presents the important details that led us to recommend the company as well as what we believe is the fair value. We include: Company Description, Industry Overview, A Quick Look at Operations, Management, JWC Valuation and Risks.

Video Reports

We produce a short video with our recommendation. These videos are typically less than two minutes and are intended to give our clients an introduction to our investment thesis. This allows the client to quickly gauge their level of interest in that recommendation.


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