Our Process

We designed our comprehensive process to accurately determine the intrinsic value of companies that have a greater chance of outperforming the S&P 500. This gives our clients a competitive edge via improved performance.

We utilize a proprietary quantitative methodology which identifies companies that have the traits most likely to lead to outperformance. We conduct a systematic review of each company, and if it passes our rigorous research process, we add that company to our “bullpen”.

We continuously monitor our bullpen which typically holds between 50 and 100 companies. We carefully watch each company, looking for a catalyst that we believe could materially move the company’s stock price.

Once we identify a catalyst, we quickly and efficiently dive into the nuances of the company utilizing traditional research techniques, the scuttlebutt research method, as well as an in-depth financial statement analysis which includes multiple valuation techniques. Our goal is to identify the company’s intrinsic value based on its future earnings power.

We believe that the result is an unbiased, thoroughly researched recommendation that has an increased likelihood of outperforming the market. This gives our clients the competitive advantage they are seeking.

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