JWC Model Portfolios

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. There are often competing pressures that demand our client’s attention. We exist to support them. The intention of our model portfolios is to provide a foundation based on long term performance. Our clients want customized solutions with a rigorous research process that is easy to explain.

A bedrock in all our model selections is free cash flow, long considered a cornerstone of both growth and value investors. Our Models focus on identifying companies with attractive free cash flow profiles relative to their peers.

No model is immune from unexpected ‘black swan’ market events. Our job is to protect our clients no matter the market condition. Clear, consistent communication behind an investment selection can make it easier for their client to sleep at night.

We provide an easy to read detailed research report to our models roughly twenty-five times a year. Our client can customize their model with any of our cash flow driven reports throughout the year.  Also, we will provide a paper or electronic version of the report to send to all clients with their account statements.


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