JWC's Investing Literacy Video Platform

Our Investing Literacy Video Platform is designed to educate and be a resource for Retail Investors, Broker-Dealer Clients and Colleges & Universities.

We want to provide a library for Investing Literacy to everyone in the world. Our goal is to become the highest quality Investing, Finance and Economics Video Platform anywhere in the world.

We began beta testing investing terms and concepts videos with 15,000 Series 7 Financial Advisors, three years ago. We beta tested investor education with whiteboard videos, animation videos, live interviews, etc. We eventually settled on our current format and found it to be the best for educational purposes, while helping individuals retain the information in an easy to digest manner.

We originally built our Video Platform in anticipation of the DOL Rule becoming law. We believed building the library would help maintain a fiduciary standard throughout the Financial Services Industry.

Also, we believe providing the platform as a resource for students at the College & University level will be extremely helpful when outside the classroom. Whether it be for Finance majors only, business students or the University as a whole. Investing, Finance and Economic education is going to be needed by everyone at some point in their lives and we give access to the students for life.

Sample Videos:

What is a Tariff? What is a Tariff? - Explained Simply

What is Compound Interest? What is Compound Interest?

What is Free Cash Flow? The Basics of Free Cash Flow

Why Videos?

  • Video learning and training is the new normal

  • "Individuals are +75% more likely to watch a video than read text" -Claire Schooley of Forrester Research

  • Video education allows for training and learning on demand

  • Education and training via video reduces the cost of employee training. As 40% of training budgets are spent on travel costs

  • Studies have shown that adding video can improve people's ability to remember concepts and details -- with effects that increase over time

  • Including a video in mass email marketing increases conversion rates by an average of 21%

  • Presentations that include visuals like videos along with text are 9% more effective than text alone when audience comprehension is tested right away, but become a staggering 83% more effective when those tests are delayed

-Research statistics provided by Forrester Research