About JWC Research

JWC Research was born from our experience in portfolio management. It was our passion for identifying companies that were best positioned to outperform that inspired us to launch an independent research firm. We launched JWC Research in 2017 after the sale of our portfolio management business. JWC Research is a unique research company designed to complement portfolio managers in their pursuit for superior performance.

Meet the Team

Jimmy Copell

Fundamental Research Analyst

Jimmy founded JWC Research in 2017 after spending 15 years in the industry. Most recently as an analyst and portfolio manager with Trust & Fiduciary Management, a Registered Investment Advisor. Jimmy received his BA from Boston University and his MA from Creighton University.

Rich Mason

Director of Operations

Rich joined JWC Research in 2017 after spending 10 years as the COO of Trust & Fiduciary Management Services, a Registered Investment Advisor. Prior to that, Rich spent 18 years with Prudential Securities. Rich received his BS in Business Administration from Montclair State University.

Jing Zhou

Quantitative Research Analyst

Jing is a quantitative research analyst at JWC Research. Jing joined JWC Research after her time at Master Shares, an ETF Provider. Jing received a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and Masters Degree in Applied Statistics from Syracuse University.

Jim Copell

Chairman of the Board

Jim brings over 25 years in the industry to JWC Research.    Jim’s professional career includes several years on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange complementing a fundamental discipline developed at Wheat, First, Butcher, Singer. Most recently he was CEO of Master Shares, an ETF Provider.

Rick Monaco

Fundamental Research Analyst

Rick is a fundamental research analyst at JWC Research. Rick joined JWC Research after his time at Citrin Cooperman as an Accountant and Trust & Fiduciary as a Financial Analyst. Rick received his Bachelor’s Degree from Virgina Tech.

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