What We Provide

Investment Research

The foundation of JWC Research is our research reports. We are firm believers in letting our research speak for itself. We focus on catalyst driven research that is most likely to yield superior performance. This disciplined concentration provides our clients with an insightful, timely and actionable recommendation with a detailed 7-10 page written report and a time saving two-minute video report.

Investing Literacy Video Platform

We built an Investing Literacy Video Platform with the goal of making individuals more informed and educated, when it comes to Investing, Finance and Economics. Our Platform is designed to educate and guide viewers to a basic understanding of essential terms and concepts and ultimately how to apply them. This constantly growing library is intended to tackle the most basic Investing, Finance and Economics questions, to the most sophisticated investing concepts, in an easy to understand story.

Model Portfolios

The performance of our equity models speaks for themselves. Our equity model portfolios reflect our long experience in sector research and individual company selection, all while providing our clients with the ability to customize our models, as we constantly strive for consistency and commitment to performance. In times of fee compression, the ability to customize helps maintain fees.

Why Us?

JWC Research clients are at the heart of everything we do. We know what our clients are dealing with. Building a brand and competing in our industry has its challenges. The reality is few investment firms can grow without performance. Most of us believe we can perform, whether we do it ourselves, or find others who are good at it, we must perform.

We launched an independent equity research firm in 2005. We acquired an RIA in January of 2008 with only $8 million in assets. We would merge that RIA with a firm that would prove to be a nice blend of experience. Combined assets are roughly $800 million. We remain passive owners. The original RIA acquisition would also produce an Index, the first of its kind, and an ETF. We licensed the Index for exclusive use in an ETF to a group backed by Bain Capital.

The truth is, the lifeblood for any firm is to keep the clients they have, and consistently raise more assets. Doing them well, requires a determined effort. Consistent client contact helps existing clients sleep well at night. If we communicate what we are doing and why, it can sustain clients through market disruptions.

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